Gasparek Marine Industries LLC.
Custom Aluminum boat building and Marine fabrication

Bill Gasparek, Owner
Gasparek Marine Industries LLC
(920) 629-0677
But if you are interested in building your own aluminum
Pleasure or commercial
or need some custom aluminum fabrication
If you're just looking to buy a stock production aluminum boat this is not the site for
I have come to realize there are a few reasons that someone like yourself would consider
building your own boat.
     1)  You are just not satisfied with what's on the market, both new or used.
     2)  You want to have a boat that is truly unique to you and your family's requirements.
     3)  Possibly you truly enjoy the process of seeing your ideas brought to life and turned
          into your own creation.
Whatever your  reason, I have had the privilege of helping individuals like yourself bring their
dream into reality. They had a vision of what they wanted and I was able to help them turn it
into a realty.
I'm sure that you're probably thinking that looks nice but it must have cost a fortune. I think this is
where a lot of people get hung up, they think or see the word
custom and all they can think of is
I believe if a person takes the time to truly investigate the value of what they're getting and
understands that they have a lot of control over the final cost of the project they might be
surprised at how affordable it really can be.
If you have been thinking about building an aluminum boat (pleasure or commercial) or have a
aluminum fabrication project, and just don't know where to start. Please feel free to
contact me.
With over 30 years in the boat building and repair industry. I'll do my best to get you headed in
the right direction, if I can't help maybe I know someone or some place that can.