Gasparek Marine Industries LLC.
Custom Aluminum  boat building and Marine fabrication
Welcome to Gasparek Marine Industries. If you are looking to have a custom aluminum boat built for work or pleasure  or need
some custom aluminum fabrication done or aluminum welding you are on the right website.  Our mission is to provide our
customers with the highest quality aluminum boat building, aluminum fabrication and aluminum welding.
We can build to any stage of completion from a bare hull to a complete boat.
From a skiff to a trawler, a tug boat to a yacht or maybe just a work barge we can handle all of your custom aluminum boat projects.
Here is one of our recent new builds that we have completed for Trawlers Midwest.
She is the 33' Eco Trawler Please visit to learn more about  her.
From the most basic interiors to the more advanced we have the skill to match your requirement. You set the standard and we
will make it happen.
If you are considering aluminum for your next boat or you simply need some aluminum fabrication  contact us
and let us help you get the most for your budget.  

Bill Gasparek, Owner
Gasparek Marine Industries LLC
(920) 629-0677